About Us

Beechbrae was born out of a dream to live more sustainably and tread lightly on the resources we have.

We are a social enterprise and charity based in a 35 acre young woodland (Beechbrae Wood) in Blackridge, West Lothian. We are using this as a base to teach, learn & engage with our natural environment and for our local community to gain skills and knowledge in practical woodland management and sustainability.

Our aims & objectives are:

  • Education
    • Providing educational activities for all ages & abilities
    • Developing skills
    • Managing & enhancing green space woodlands, and community growing
  • Community Development
    • Engaging local community with green space, woodland and community growing activities
    • Improving the quality of life for our whole community
  • Providing Greenspace & Activities
    • Improving lives of local community & public
    • Promoting & improving access to woodland, greenspace, biodiversity & wildlife
  • Improving & Protecting Natural Environment
    • Protecting, enhancing & restoring biodiversity in Blackridge & West Lothian
    • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources
  • Health
    • Supporting, developing & improving physical, mental and emotional health through indoor and outdoor programmes

Our aims are both social and environmental at the core and are met through a holistic woodland management programme combining the needs of people and the environment. We offer healthy, tasty, high quality, home grown produce created through sensitive use of the land and give training to show people better ways of using the land. We are a sustainable enterprise that creates a sustainable environment.