About Us

Beechbrae is a charity and social enterprise basesd on seasonal woodland enterprises at Beechbrae Wood in Blackridge, West Lothian.

We offer healthy, tasty, high quality, home grown produce created through sensitive use of the land and give training to show people better ways of using the land. We are a Beechbrae Orchard Golden Spire Apple- Beechbrae Woodsustainable enterprise that creates a sustainable environment.

Our aims & objectives are to

  • Supply fresh quality produce & services
  • Equip the local community with practical skills, knowledge & confidence
  • Increase the biodiversity of the local area
  • Increase physical and mental health & wellbeing

Our aims are both social and environmental at the core and are met through a holistic woodland management programme combining the needs of people and the environment.

Beechbrae is managed by a voluntary board and has received support and funding from several fantastic organisations below!Beechbrae Funders