2. Orchard Grant

This summer at work I have spent a large amount of time applying for large and small grants so our charity can continue to provide an important service to families in Edinburgh. For fun (insert sarcasm), I spent a weekend applying for a grant to plant an orchard on what will very soon (hopefully) be our land in Blackridge. It was surprisingly fun putting together a budget, calling different fencing firms asking if they supply deer fences and emailing the appletreeman to find out what Scottish varieties of apple trees he has to choose from. After many phone calls, emails and hours writing I submitted a request to cover the costs of planting 12 apple trees and edible ground cover in conjunction with students from Blackridge Primary School.  We see it as a fantastic way to get to know the community and also a great education tool for the next generation- how to plant and care for an apple tree. Its quite amazing what lessons can be learned by such a simple thing, an apple.

The grant is available in the autumn through the Fourth Valley Environmental Link and the Central Scotland Green Network and others listed below. We’re both thankful for the opportunity for funding to plant fruit trees.

Good News! We got the grant and now its time to set about putting in the deer fence so planting can begin early January 2013. More info to come.Logos long

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