25. A Little Tidy

When we bought the land last November we had little idea of what types of plants the spring & summer would yield. We can now say with confidence that we grow nettles and creeping buttercup really really well (seemingly better than some of the seeds we planted)!Picture1

Exhibit A: Onion Bed Creeping Buttercup Bed (aided by 3 weeks of rain while we were on holiday)Picture5

Both of these plants tell us a lot about the land and the soil. The creeping buttercup testify to the damp soil and although it is painful to accidentally brush against a nettle we were both pleased to see an overwhelming presence all around the land as they indicate healthy and nitrogen rich soil. Saying that, we did have a go at hand weeding the nettles and thistles from the orchard area in hopes to lessen accidental stings.Picture3

We’ve also begun making some mulched paths so that

1. we can actually see the raised beds

2. it looks nicer

3. we could put some cheap excess woodchips to use


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