31. Another Orchard Grant

Yes, following last years orchard grant (which enabled us to put up a deer fence and plant 12 scottish heritage variety apple trees) we’ve been successful again!

The Central Scotland Green Network Orchards Grant will fund us to plant 17 more fruit trees (3 pear and 14 apple) as well as some edible ground cover that attracts pollinators. We’ve also been selected as one of 6 exemplar projects being shown to a wider audience on their website which is a fantastic opportunity.Picture6

I’ve ordered the stakes, guards, ties & matts and have chosen our tree varities. Now we just need to wait until the trees are dormant and can be transported (mid November).

We’re hoping to plant before Christmas to (hopefully) avoid bad weather so I’ll keep you posted as we get dates established with Blackridge Primary School.

The Forth Valley Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund.  The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Grant Scheme 2013/2014, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

CSGN Orchard Grant Logos

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