53. Cider Making

Kevin and I signed up for a Cider making course with Forth Environment Link and lead by Margaret Lear from Plants with Purpose the day after an epic Scottish Orchard Gathering in Dunblane. We had both had a fair amount of fermenting experience- although mainly wine and beer but we were keen to learn the tricks of the trade from an experienced cider maker.

After covering important fermentation theory, choosing the right cider apples and apple tasting we set about mashing them! The apples were quickly turned to mush with Margaret & Andrew’s Fancy masher.Picture3
Once the apples were pulped we put them in the press to get all the juice out of them.Picture2
It was great tasting the different juices from the different mixes of apples- quite a variety. We were sent away with continued fermenting instructions and high hopes for tasty cider in 6 weeks time. It was a fantastic workshop that was good fun and full of good tips and learning- here’s hoping there’s another next year!Picture4
The workshop also appeared in the Alloa Advisor which is great publicity. We’re currently enjoying watching our cider ferment away – looking forward to Hogmanay!Alloa AdvertiserPicture5

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