56. Beechbrae Orchard Extension

Since we’ve got 30 more apple trees from the CSGN Orchard Grant Scheme we are extending the orchard to allow more space for the trees to grow. We’ve been given some support from the Orchard Futures Fund to develop our orchard business and part of the funding has allowed us to purchase fencing materials.

Kevin and Finlay worked to hammer in the new posts while carefully selecting old posts to take away.  It was a little tricky to extend the fence for the new trees while also protecting the trees already in the fence (the deer could easily damage/destroy the orchard in one night).Picture2Picture3
Once the new posts were in place the deer fence was secured!Picture1
Now we just need to wait until the first few frosts until our apple trees are ready to be delivered & planted!

The Forth Valley Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Futures Fund 2014/2015, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

CSGN Orchard Grant Logos

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