59. CSGN Orchard Futures Fund Grant

It has been a busy season for us at Beechbrae. A significant amount of time has been spent applying for a variety of grants to help our woodland enterprise develop as well as various infrastructure projects for the woodland while also continuing on the never ending maintenance jobs. While we have had a few applications that didn’t get funding, we’re excited to announce that we have been successful in the CSGN Orchard Futures Fund Grant.Beechbrae Orchard

This grant will help us purchase equipment to develop various Orchard enterprises from Beechbrae Orchard. We will also be able to get technical support allowing us to tap into orchard and biodiversity expertise to ensure we are growing towards our best potential. The grant is funded by the same funders as the fruit trees and is administered by the Forth Environment Link who have provided us with fantastic support over the past few years and we are thankful for their continued support.

Have a look at the press release for more information about the grant and stay tuned for more updates in the next wee while.

The Forth Valley Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund.  The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Futures Fund 2014/2015, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

Beechbrae Orchard- CSGN Orchard Futures Fund

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