71. Water at Beechbrae Wood

We have been working for the past year towards getting a borehole dug at Beechbrae so that we have water to water our plants, wash our hands and have a drink! First we had to find the water. We had Doug Bates from GeoDivining International came out in July 2014 to douse and tell us where the best place to drill for water was.

It was really interesting watching Doug walk over patches of land and watch the rods responding. I got to have a go and seemed to be able to pick up the water as well which was great fun.

Doug Dousing

Fast foward nearly a year and we now have funding in place thanks to the Climate Challenge Fund to drill the borehole in hopes to find water.

Day 1: Raeburn Drilling came out of site with their huge tracked machine ready to begin drilling.Beechbrae Borehole 1Beechbrae Borehole 2Day 2: The drilling began and the main thing coming from the borehole was variations of grey sludge with some water from the borehole.Beechbrae Borehole 3Beechbrae Borehole 4Day 3: Sludge turned more liquid and started flowing more regularly. After each drill down into the earth air was shot into the hole and a strainer caught the rock sediments to track what was being drilled through. Beechbrae Borehole 5Beechbrae Borehole 6Water began flowing at ~40 meters by the end of the day.Beechbrae Borehole 7Beechbrae Borehole 8Day 4: The water flow increased significantly at 45 meters and kept getting better! Beechbrae Borehole 9We are very grateful for the superb services of Raeburn Drilling and Doug from Geodivining International- what a fantastic result! Beechbrae Borehole 10
Beechbrae CCF logos

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