74. Community Orchard and Party in the Park at Bathgate

Exciting developments happening in Bathgate this year- a community orchard is being planted with the support of Clementine Sandison and Helping Britain Blossom. As a way to publicise the orchard and get interested local volunteers there was a fruity stall at Bathgate’s Party in The Park with homemade pancakes with tasty jam, fruit races, a smoothie bike, bug hotels and stprytelling. It was a great event enjoyed by all- looking forward to seeing the orchard planting this winter!!Kirkton Park 041
Kirkton Park 027 Kirkton Park 037
Kirkton Park 200
Kirkton Park 040 Kirkton Park 250 Kirkton Park 218Kirkton Park 060 Kirkton Park 182 Kirkton Park 254  Kirkton Park 241  Kirkton Park 015 Kirkton Park 012 Kirkton Park 160
all photos are courtesy of Helping Britain Blossom.

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