77. Harvesting Apples from Beechbrae Orchard

Over 3 the last 3 years, 5 different classes from Blackridge Primary School planted the apple trees in Beechbrae Orchard. This autumn was special as some of the apple trees at Beechbrae Orchard finally have apples on them!! The P7 class took a nature walk up from the school ending at the orchard where everyone got to pick an apple from the trees.20151030_093458
It was the last day before Halloween so everyone was dressed in their Halloween Costumes. 20151030_094352Beechbrae Orchard Harvest
20151030_10485920150917_14143720151030_100317 We had several varieties of apples and after walking back to the school we cut them up and the whole class gobbled them up.

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