85. Tunnel Vision

We are super excited to now have our second polytunnel in situ, with two 9m x 2 m raised beds ready to be filled and planted.  It is so big, empty it felt like being in an air hanger, and it even has double sliding doors!  2nd-polytunnel-beechbrae

After the time it took us to put up the first tunnel, we got First Polytunnels experts in to build the new one. They were so super and speedy – taking a little over a day and a half to erect the tunnel. (frame, polythene and doors) 2nd-polytunnel-beechbrae-2

We ladies then spent many hours lugging sleepers and barrows full of soil to get the beds sorted – Some serious hard graft under the heat of the Scottish sunshine!picture1

We may be a little late into the growing season, but were going to plant plant and plant some more and hope for a warm start to Autumn. Also looking forward to getting some less hardy fruit trees growing in there and some grape vines…  ~Claire Jellema2nd-polytunnel-beechbrae-3

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