Beechbrae Wild Pond & Wetland Haven

This area of Beechbrae is the lowest lying land from all directions and catches all the water from the neighbouring fields. For many years we’ve been dreaming of turning a boggy bit of ground into a thriving haven for biodiversity and thanks to some brilliant pond designers (Water Gems) and a few fantastic funders this dream has become a reality. The large body of water is Beechbrae Wild Pond and the smaller connected pools are the Wetland Haven.
Beechbrae Wild Pond and Wetland Haven

Beechbrae Wild Pond
The pond was designed and dug by Water Gems . It was finished in December 2016 and was generously funded by Grow Wild and Greggs Foundation. The pond is filled entirely by rainwater from field drains and is a stunning example of creative rainwater and grey water solutions. To see photos of the process of digging the pond check out the Grow Wild Profile.

Once the Pond was dug and plants put in we were able to put in a platform to allow more access to the pond thanks to CSGN Community Project Fund and Tescos Bags for Help. What a difference!!
Beechbrae Wild Pond

Beechbrae Wetland HavenBeechbrae Wild Pond- Water Forget Me Not Once the pond was established the out flowing water from the pond is now flowing into a succession of 5 shallow ponds, 4 of which are connected. This work was again designed and completed by Water Gems and was generously funded by The Coalfields Regeneration Trust. Part of the works included a pond dipping platform and provision for benches so people can enjoy sitting in this haven and enjoying the wildlife and sounds of nature.

Beechbrae Wetland Haven

Beechbrae Wild Pond was funded by Grow Wild and Greggs Foundation and the platform at Beechbrae Wild Pond was funded by CSGN Community Fund and Tescos Bags for Help. Beechbrae Wetland Haven was funded by Coalfields Regeneration Trust.