Beechbrae Orchard is home to 60 different varieties of Fruit trees (57 apple and 3 pear). They have all been planted as a result of 3 successful grants from the Forth Valley Link as a part of the CSGN Orchard Grant Scheme. The orchard is also benefiting from the CSGN Orchard Futures Fund helping us develop our orchard business.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have the help of pupils from Blackridge Primary to plant the trees and we’re looking forward to harvesting some fruit next summer. If you’d like more information about the various planting days have a look at our blog.

The majority of fruit trees are Scottish Heritage Varieties which are well suited to our climate.
Beechbrae Orchard Apple Trees

The Forth Valley Orchard Initiative is funded by the Central Scotland Green Network Development Fund. The Central Scotland Green Network Orchard Grant Scheme 2012/2013/2014/2015, which is part of the initiative, covers the whole of the CSGN area.

CSGN Orchard Grant Logos- Beechbrae Orchard